The key role of Geology in future Urban Planning

During most recent years, characterized by great environmental challenges that involve the whole planet, knowledge of the subsoil and its sharing has become a must to live in more resilient cities. It has been estimated that by 2030 cities will triple their size, also expanding underground; this will inevitably have repercussions on the natural balance, on the state of the resources in the subsoil and will cause greater natural risks. All this could lead to a worse quality of life for citizens.

The subsoil has always been, since ancient times, a source of resources; knowing it can help our administrators to face new challenges such as climate change, urban development, and increased demand for resources. Knowledge of urban geology plays a key role in planning the future layout of cities, as it limits the risks and decreases the costs of urban expansion.

All this is told in the popular video made within the Urban Geology Expert Group of EuroGeoSurveys, the federation of 38 national geological services on the European continent.

ISPRA participates in the Urban Geology Expert Group with its delegation of experts from the Department for the Geological Survey of Italy.