Department of Geological Survey of Italy within ISPRA

ISPRA ( Italian Institute for Environmental Protection and Research) is a public research body established by merging three former research institutes (APAT, ICRAM and INFS) in the field of environment (Decree no. 112 of 25 June 2008, converted into Law no. 133 on 21 August 2008).The Institute acts under the vigilance and policy guidance of the Italian Ministry for the Environment and the Protection of Land and Sea.The Geological Survey of Italy is one of the three technical departments of ISPRA, with a general mandate to: 1) collect, elaborate, archive and disseminate geological data; 2) carry out geological studies and research; 3) update geological and thematic maps in the Italian territory. The staff is composed by about 130 units. The internal organization consists of two divisions and five units with specific mandates assigned by the statute.

Department of Geological Survey of Italy
Division for Structural and Marine Geology, Geological Mapping and Survey - GEO-CAR   Division for Applied Geology, River Basin Planning, Hydrogeological Risk Management, Hydrogeology, Groundwater Hydrodynamics - GEO-APP
Unit for Geological Surveys System and National Geological Heritage GEO-SGP Unit for Integrated Land Use Monitoring, Land Transformation and Desertification GEO-DES Unit for Soil Protection and Contaminated Sites - GEO-PSC
Unit for Geodynamics, Georesources, Geohazards - GEO-RIS Unit for Applied Geophysics - GEO-GFI Administrative Support Sector - GEO-DIR

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