- Dublin 25- 31 July

XX INQUA Congress in Dublin

From July 25 to 31, the XX Congress of INQUA (International Union for Quaternary Research) is held in Dublin. There are over 3,000 delegates from 60 countries who are experts in the various disciplines of Earth sciences dealing with the Quaternary, the geological era that began about 2 and a half million years ago and in which we still live today. Italy is present with about thirty participants: in addition to the experts of the Geological Survey of Italy - ISPRA, there are actors from different universities and research institutes. During the Congress, the venue of the next Congress will be defined, which will be held in 2023: in this regard, Italy is one of the two candidate countries (the other being India) proposing the University of Rome: La Sapienza University. The organizing committee is made up of the leading experts in Quaternary geology from the academic and in the field of research . The Geological Survey of Italy - ISPRA is also part of the organizing committee and hopes that the Italian candidacy will be successful.