Training Workshop 2022

The Earth seen from the sky: methodological and operational aspects of the InSAR technique for ground motion analysis

Following the success of last year's workshop on the theme of ground motion ("The monitoring of geological hazards through satellite interferometry techniques"), a second workshop on the subject of ground motion has been organized mainly having, this time, an educational nature (training course).

The aim of this edition is to provide administrators and professionals with the operational elements to correctly read and interpret the products of the InSAR technique in relation to monitoring and mitigation of hydrogeological instabilities.

The Workshop is organized by ISPRA (Department for the Geological Survey of Italy) with the contribution of the Regions and Autonomous Provinces which are members of the Italian Network of Geological Surveys (RISG) - Copernicus Operational Geology Table and the support of the National Council of Geologists and the Copernicus Academy.

The course will be organized over 5 days, the first of which will take place on the 5th of October in Florence as part of ETE (Earth Technology Expo) 2022; this first day will intend to connect with last year's workshop and at the same time to promote the other four training sessions (3 hours each) that will be held online, scheduled between November 3rd and 18th.

To participate online to each module, registration is required by the day before at the following link:

To participate to the first session on 5th October in Florence, registration (free) for the ETE 2022 Conference is required at the link:

For those professionals signed up to the order of geologists, the workshop provides 3 training credits for each session.