Summer School 2021: CARG geological survey and cartography

The Italian Geological Society, in collaboration with the Geological Survey of Italy - ISPRA, and with the contribution and sponsorship of the Maiella National Park Authority, are promoting the first 'Summer School' dedicated to methodologies and criteria for geological surveying and mapping.

The School, which will start on the 3rd of September 2021 (via remote lessons), is organized in 5 days of surveying on ground (from 6 to 10 September) which will take place in the territory of the Maiella National Park, designated Majella UNESCO Global Geopark, with starting point in Caramanico Terme. Last day will be on the 13rd of September via web.

The resumption of the CARG National Geological Cartography project represents a strong motivation to develop an accurate and updated knowledge of our territory and also to develop interest in a profession, the surveyor, which is gradually dispersing.

The training of the participants in the School benefits of the support of surveyors, professors of the University of Chieti and geologists of the Geological Survey of Italy - ISPRA, in order to transfer technique and experience to an audience of young and newly graduated geologists, PhD students and doctorates, freelancers and corporate officers.

The Summer School aims to disseminate methodologies and criteria for geological surveying and cartography, the methods of conceptual data organization for the digital archiving system, in accordance with the criteria of the CARG Project.


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