Start the 2nd phase of PanAfGeo

The 2nd phase of the EU Project PanAfGeo (Pan-African Support to Geological Sciences and Technology, Africa-EU Partnership) (2021-2024) has been funded. Following the 1st phase (2029-2021), the project main purpose is the organization of theoretical-practical scientific trainings in Africa addressed to technical staff of the geological surveys of Africa, through the cooperation between EuroGeoSurveys and OAGS (Organization of African Geological Surveys) members. ISPRA is involved as leader of the activity Georesources Governance & OAGS/GSOs Institutional Strengthening  and as organiser of technical-scientific training sessions in the following topics: New Frontieres in Geosciences, Geohazards & Environmental Management of Mines as well as in Communication & Dissemination activity.