Presented the final results of the  giCases project  “Creating a University-Enterprice Alliance for Spatiallly Enable Society

Yesterday, the results of giCases project were presented in occasion of the final event. The project has received full recognition from the European Commission, which has financed it in the frame of the Erasmus + program,  and has received the appreciation of various stakeholders,  who attended the event.

The project, which has involved 14 European partners, aimed to build a collaborative learning platform between the research world (universities) and the business world. At the end of the 3 years of the project, 14 e-learning modules were presented, comprising 53 thematic courses and 6 case studies on environment, forests, soil, subsoil, and health. These training modules not only have the advantage of reducing costs but also of improving the quality of learning and they can be a very useful tool of knowledge both for the university and for companies in the geo-spatial sector.

About 70 students were contacted and involved in the experimental phase.

An agreement was signed by the partners to keep the modules and materials up to date. The giCASES training platform is available at no cost to everyone after having requested access credentials.

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