Natural Way of the Parks guide


On Friday 21 February  the trekking guide on the "Natural Way of the Parks" will be presented. 25 stages in 4 weeks through 7 protected areas. The Natural Way of the Parks is a trek that unites seven protected areas between Lazio and Abruzzo. 430 km from the wonders of Rome to the city of L'Aquila, the heart of the Apennines. 42 villages in the heart of Italy to discover and experience, local products, cultural goods and a wild and boundless nature. The route also crosses some areas affected by recent earthquakes. A network that promotes, protects and enhances the cultural, environmental and religious heritage which favors the development of sustainable tourism and which expresses solidarity with local populations.


21 February at 16:00 at the Palazzo Valentini - Via IV Novembre 119 / a - Rome