The guidelines for the use of ITHACA, the INVENTORY of CAPABLE FAULTS in ITALY, have been published

The Guidelines for the use of the ITHACA Catalog (ITHACA - ITALY HAZARD FROM CAPABLE FAULTS), the inventory of capable faults in Italy carried out by ISPRA, have been published.

These Guidelines represent a first product of the activities of the Thematic Table "Active tectonics and capable faults" which is part of the Italian Network of Geological Surveys (RISG). The Table is coordinated by ISPRA, the Italian Geological Survey, and its members include also representatives of the Civil Protection Department.

The Guidelines are intended to direct the user to the correct use of the information contained in the Catalog, highlighting the origin and contents, cataloging methods and criteria that have been adopted, also pointing out its limits in homogeneity and resolution. They are mainly aimed at professional and administrative geologists who consult the ITHACA catalog, with particular reference to its use in seismic microzonation studies.


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