Geoportal: a user-friendly access to geological data for professionists

On June 19, 2019 the workshop "Data banks accessible online to the profession of geologist" was held at the Department of Earth and Geo-environmental Sciences of the University of Bari organized by SIGEA and the Order of Ceologists of Puglia. This is already the second appointment  of the Geological Survey of Italy; the first meeting was organized last February and sponsored by the National Council of Geologists and the Order of Geologists of  Latium.

ISPRA - Geological Survey of Italy, presented the numerous potentialities that the Portal offers to geologists and professionals and, in particular, the considerable contribution to the definition of seismic hazard. The Portal contains 36 different databases, viewable from smartphones and tablets. For the first time the Portal combines all data on geological hazards affecting the Italian territory i.e seismic risk, volcanic risk, landslide and floods mitigation works for the Defense of Soil (ReNDiS),  capable faults (ITHACA catalog) and landslide phenomena (IFFI).

About 170,000 users have visited the Portal in less than a year after its publication.

Equipped with an integrated viewer (geomapviewer), the Portal allows you to overlay maps with different information. For example, on land use layer it is possible to add and display different elements such as regional and provincial administrative boundaries without consulting other portals, to analyze the phenomenon in more depth.

Geological and geothematic cartography at different scale is also available online, that  is the main activity of the Geological Survey of Italy since its foundation in 1867.

The Portal allows professional geologists to support their professional performance through easy access to the enormous amount of data held by the Geological Survey of Italy.

The Portal provides for a complete and easy to manage usability of geological, geotechnical, geophysical and hydrogeological data, implemented by the Geological Survey of Italy.