Geonews, newsletter of the Geological Survey of Italy, n.6/2020 is online

In this last issue of the year we read the interview with the President of the National Commission for the Prediction and Prevention of Major Risks, Prof. Gabriele Scarascia Mugnozza, for the 40th anniversary of the earthquake in Irpinia (South Italy), news about the risk reduction policies in Italy after that event and the existing seismic observation methods and systems to develop risk mitigation and warning strategies. And even more an interesting article on the 'rediscovered' Lake of Pomezia in the southern sector of the Rome Province. Among the Geological Survey of Italy activities all the details of the creation and publication on the SGI Portal of a new database, the National Geodatabase of Artificial Cavities, made in collaboration with the Italian Speleological Society (SSI), the implementation of the National Mareographic Network with new co-located GNSS stations, the Hydrogeological Map of Rome which becomes one of documents of the General Town Plan of Rome Capital and, finally, the adoption of the Protocol security for the contrast and the content of the COVID19 virus in the visit of mines abandoned underground, of the REMI-ISPRA national network, for tourism and cultural purposes.

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