Geonews, newsletter of the Geological Survey of Italy, n.5/2020 is online

In this fifth issue the interview with the manager of the Geological Museum of Ispra which will soon have a new suitable museum location, the support of the Geological Survey of Italy to the revision activities of the seismic microzonation of the municipality of Arquata del Tronto which suffered heavy damage during earthquakes which struck Central Italy on August 24, 2016, the training activities in the EO4GEO Project on Remote Sensing, Natural Hazards and Cultural Heritage, the ISPRA's GNSS geodetic monitoring networks in the Institute's new VPN data transmission infrastructure and finally a focus on the city of Genoa, which due to territory fragility, wrong management policies, and undisputable climate changes is it very vulnerable to natural hazards, such as landslides and floods, that require mitigation interventions, such as those of the RENDIS Project.

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