Geonews, newsletter of the Geological Survey of Italy, n.4/2021 is online

Geonews n. 4 is entirely dedicated to the theme of monitoring geological hazards through ground motion  services based on satellite interferometry (InSAR), which will be the focus of the Training Workshop to be held from September 30 to October 29.
The Workshop, which is part of the FPCUP (Copernicus User Uptake) program, is organized by ISPRA with the contribution of the Regions and Self-governing Provinces belonging to the Table Copernicus Operational Geology - RISG and the support of the National Council of Geologists and the Copernicus Academy. The first session of the five planned will be held on September 30, the others on 1, 15, 22 and 29 October. The event, both informative and educational, is aimed primarily at potential end-users of ground motion services, with particular reference to professional geologists and technicians of the public administration with responsibility for mapping and monitoring geological hazards taking place in their area of expertise.

Space-based technologies can offer solutions in the recovery phase and in building a more resilient society for the future. They provide the tools to respond to numerous challenges.

In particular in the issue we read the interview to Prof. Bernardo De Bernardinis, responsible for the promotion, implementation and coordination of the network of national members of the European Copernicus Academy, the forecasts of the Mirror Copernicus program, one of the lines of national intervention provided by the Strategic Space Economy Plan, promoted by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers for the definition of national policy in the space sector and what has been the contribution of ISPRA to the realization of the European Ground Motion Service (EGMS) based on InSAR satellite interferometry data.



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