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Geology and History Days

The Department for the Geological Service of Italy - ISPRA, the Italian Geographic Society and SIGEA propose six first informative and scientific events concerning natural risks, historical research and the landscape geomorphological evolution. These study days are organized to analyze the current state of knowledge regarding the importance of historical and cartographic sources for the study of geological phenomena and natural catastrophic events. The main issues addressed in the first six days scheduled will be the following:

• natural hazards, such as earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, sinkholes, floods, historical and cartographic sources and popular legends

• the disappeared Italian lakes, the sinkholes, the sacred and mineralized springs, the extinct spa areas

• underground cavities hidden or disappeared under the urban fabric and ancient mapping;

• the effects on the ground due to landslides, collapses, liquefactions of the land, lake creations, river bed obstruction, changes in the landscape in general and historical research

• the evolution of the cartographic representation of the territory and the information that it conceals, the changes in the landscape and geo-morphological processes

• Geological landscapes and natural hazards in the history of art.

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