European Ground Motion Service (EGMS) is online

The first version of the European Ground Motion Service (EGMS) is online. This is a first operational ground motion service available on a pan-European scale for monitoring geohazards and human-induced deformation such as slow-moving landslides, subsidence due to groundwater exploitation or underground mining, volcanic unrests and many more. The service provides consistent and reliable information regarding natural and anthropogenic ground motion with millimetre accuracy, and it also serves as a starting point for investigation of ground motion affecting buildings and linear infrastructures. EGMS was implemented under the coordination of the EEA within the framework of Copernicus Land Monitoring and with the participation of ISPRA in a Task Force specifically set up to define the basic technical characteristics of the service and in the Advisory Board, through which were represented the interests and needs of the end-user communities, including geological surveyes of the Regions, Autonomous Provinces and ARPA. 

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