"The ancient cartographic representation of the territory and geomorphological processes" workshop

The Department for the Geological Survey of Italy - ISPRA, the Italian Geographic Society and SIGEA (Italian Society of Environmental Geology) propose a study day on "The ancient cartographic representation of the territory and geomorphological processes". This day is the fifth of the cycle “Study Days of Geology and History”, events organized to present the current state of knowledge regarding the importance of historical and cartographic sources for the study of geological phenomena and natural catastrophic events. The topics addressed in this study day will be the geomorphological processes, the evolution of the landscape, the reconstruction of the ancient coastline, the reconstruction of ancient riverbeds and urban areas from historical sources, ancient maps and drawings or graphic representations. It will analyze the evolution of cartography and the representation of the territory from antiquity to the present day and it will discuss the use of new techniques for analyzing the territory. This Study Day concerning the modeling of the territory as a whole will be an opportunity to confront the scientific world and focus on the evolution of the landscape also in relation to the climatic and environmental changes that have occurred in past times and which manifest themselves in the present. The multidisciplinary nature of the research will remain the constant of the topics addressed on this day. In addition, the importance of historical and cartographic research will be emphasized to complement the geological one to obtain a more complete view of the evolution of the Italian territory.

The fifth Day of Geology and History will be held on Wednesday 28 October from 9:00 to 14:00

It is possible to follow the event at the following link: