An opportunity to get to know the our territory

The Geological Survey of Italy - ISPRA for several years has been dealing with dissemination and training of the Earth Sciences in the schools of Rome and of the Lazio region. Making children and young people more aware of the geological and seismic elements of our territory is an innovative form of soil protection and prevention from natural risks. The didactic path proposed in the field provides the basic knowledge required for know the phenomena  that occur in order to evaluate the effects associated with the events. The seminars are carried out with multimedia presentations and video, using microscopes, geological and topographic maps, fossils, sample rocks, etc. In the 2018/2019 the activity has grown:  several lectures were held  in 17 schools and 109 classes, and also practical laboratory exercises on geology, hydrogeology, paleontology and natural hazards. Also for the next year the Geological Survey of Italy  has provided dissemination and training days. For more details also: